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I probably should mention, we also make our own mead (wine made with honey, sometimes with fruit added).  We were actually making mead before we started making beer, mead got us into brewing.

Anyway, not going to waffle about it, other than to say at it’s most basic (a hydromel) I use about 600g of honey, simmer it in some bottle water, let it cool then transfer to a demi john.  Then I add some real ale yeast, slap in an airlock and let it ferment out.  When it’s done, rack it into another demijon with some more honey (or sugar) in it, make sure it’s mixed well and transfer to PET bottled.  Et voila, after a few weeks you have a mead called hydromel, FIZZY mead that’s only about 4% ABV and is as good as a cold beer on a hot day.

Ginger Mead

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Ginger mead (metheglin)

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