Pocket Rocket N Moose

Daddy makes beer and mead, but luckily he isn’t allowed to sell any of that (the tax man would never allow it!), it’s just for them and their family to drink (smelly stuff, although that beer stuff kinda smells yummy…  They won’t let us try it though, as apparently it has nasty hoppy thingies in it that we can’t have.  Sounds odd to us, as we like to chase hoppy thingies and scoff em up, tis fun!)….

Mummy however makes yummy dog biscuits using the malted grain that he makes the beer with (don’t worry though, it never goes anywhere near those nasty hop thingies!).  She also makes lovely things doing something called crochet, as well as making dog and cat (we have a couple of buddies who are cats) collars and stuff using these cord things.  This stuff she can sell, so we made her this here shop thingy, so you lovely folks can buy some of her stuff more easily.