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Saison With Avec

Making a saison that I developed with Kirsty. With a hefty dollop of heather honey (340g) and hopped with a bit of Amarillo (grapefruit, orange, lemon, melon, apricot and peach), and a fair bit of Mosaic (blueberry, tangerine, papaya, rose, blossoms, grass and bubble gum).
Reason been, we tried that special beer I made yesterday, the one made with JUST mosaic hops. Mosaic are now officially our favourite hops! They are just SO fruity! 😀 Om nom nom….
Putting them into a Saison should give us a beer that is very dry (think Brut champagne) but seriously fruity too. Confusingly, the honey actually makes it drier, as honey is more fermentable than malt sugars. Coriander and black pepper should give it a hint of lemon/pepper/spice, supporting the esters from the Saison yeast. (y)
BIABacus (where I designed the recipe) is predicting 5.5% ABV, Beersmith 2 though is predicting 7.81% ABV…. So will be interesting to see which is closest. 😉
Hops and spices are all weighed, got the heather honey out ready, water filtering into a bucket. 😉 I’ll probably put the boiler on after lunch….
This came out with an original gravity of 1.054, bottled on the 16th with a final gravity of 1.004, so a very nice 6.6% ABV.  I also ended up dry hopping for 6 days with 33g of Mosaic pellets, bottling on 16th.
Shared 2 bottles with my wife earlier.  1 cooled slightly, 1 at room temp.  Cooled bottle the flavour was slightly sour and dry, with a nice tropical fruits flavour, followed by honey and lemon.  The room temp beer had more pepper/spice in the flavour, and the honey and lemon was much more noticeable.  Absolutely delicious.  Best description would be an American Saison.

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