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Another brew bottled: Sunshine Ale

We finally got around to bottling another of my AG brews.  This time it was my “summer ale”.  36 bottles of delicious hybrid beer.

Why hybrid?  Well I started with a British real ale recipe (Greg Hughes Summer Ale from his book Home Brew Beer), then I replace all of the hops with a mix of US Cascade and Citra.  I then fermented this with a British real ale yeast…  So it’s got one fut in the UK, another in the US.  Original recipe was supposed to come out at 3.8% ABV, but thanks to really good kettle efficiency (86.5%, vs the norm that books use of 75%) my version has come out at 4% ABV (possibly because I mash for 90 minutes, rather than 60….lol).  So a tiny bit stronger, but still one you can drink plenty of when thirsty!

Lower carbonation on this one, as I don’t want it too fizzy, so only primed for 1.8 volumes of CO2.  It should have a very gentle sparkle to it.

Taste so far, warm and flat and not at all conditioned, it has a pleasant combination of citrus and biscuit (the biscuit coming from the maris otter malt), maybe a tiny hint of caramel from the crystal malt.  Teeny tiny bit on the sweet side, but it works nicely.  Colour is a nice shade of pale amber.

I’m looking forward to tasting this one in the new year for sure.

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